Automate your order management

Smart automation in your print media company's order management can save you a lot of time and money. From the moment a request or quotation actually becomes an order, it is a necessity to produce and deliver the job as efficiently as possible, all according to the customer's wishes.

With the order management module in MultiPress, all the necessary information is up-to-date and always available. You can rest assured that the required materials are sufficiently in stock or are ordered in time, and this at a favourable price.

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The inventory management module assigns a place to each pallet and marks it with a barcode. Each rack in the warehouse is visualised in 3D, so that employees can immediately see where the various materials are located and which reservations have already been made. In short: never search again and never miss a thing.

Environmentally certified printers (FSC, PEFC, BRC, etc.) can also use MultiPress to easily fulfil their ecological obligations for the management and separation of ecological and non-ecological paper. This allows you to request a stock list of certified and non-certified paper types at any time.

Expedition Management in MultiPress establishes a link with transport companies that can share data on transport costs and planning, according to a standardised norm. Thanks to this XML-based link with MultiPress, all information around a transport order can easily be exchanged automatically - from reserving transport and registering a parcel or pallet, to the track & trace code and delivery notification.

Internal deliveries can also be arranged within this module. By automating the information flow, your team no longer lose time on manual administrative tasks and you do not run the risk of errors when data is transferred.

  • Efficient and streamlined: MultiPress helps to produce each order as efficiently as possible and to deliver it as agreed
  • Insight and overview: all order information is managed centrally and is therefore always available. From material reservation to paper purchase and from delivery note to dispatch planning: you always have an overview.
  • Save time and costs: active stock management by MultiPress ensures that you reserve stock in time, do not waste time looking for materials and avoid production downtime due to insufficient stock

Features of Order Management

Order Creation

Create orders in an instant

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Shipping Management

Benefit from a smooth delivery process with MultiPress

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Delivery Database

Simple management of transport data

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Complaint Registration

Prevent repeated complaints with a clear complaints register

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Call-off Orders

Don't lose time with call-off orders

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Inventory Management

Manage your entire stock from a central control point

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Ecological Certification

The support you need for ecological certification

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Centralised Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Avoid costly production downtimes - let MultiPress manage your planning

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Bill of Materials

Monitor and maintain your stock quickly and easily

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Warehouse Management

Manage the stock in your warehouse from A to Z

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Strategic Procurement

Go for an intelligent and sound purchasing policy

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Shipping Labels & Documents

Choose an orderly delivery process

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Product Traceability

Automate the traceability of your orders

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Campaign Converter

Your administrative helper for campaigns with a wide variety of print assignments

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