Connect MultiPress to your customer's ERP systems

A direct API connection to a customer's ERP system will allow them to order print products directly with an automated quotation and order process, among other things. So you can offer your customers a very smooth ordering experience as well as saving time and money!

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An API (Application Programming Interface) is a popular way for your digital systems to communicate with each other and exchange data. 

The API provides the right set of definitions to create links. Those links are extendable and customisable, giving you an excellent basis for long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. The concept has unlimited possibilities to offer new services. 

Via API, you can exchange data directly with your customers' EPR systems such as SAP, Navision and internal ordering systems. MultiPress automatically imports and processes the order data and also sends back relevant information. 

In this way, you make the ordering process really simple and user-friendly for the customer. Links to your customers' ERP systems will also enable web-to-print applications

  • Relationship management: maintain lasting customer relationships through a smooth ordering experience 
  • Save time: process and import orders and quotation requests automatically 
  • Error reduction: manual data entry is now unnecessary, avoiding errors 
  • Direct orders: enable direct ordering and web-to-print applications for your customer