The right info assigned to the right employee

In MultiPress you can quickly and easily manage the user rights for individual employees or job groups, ensuring that everyone in your print company has the right information.

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In the Dashboard module, the usefulness of user rights is immediately apparent. By classifying an employee as part of a particular team or assigning a function, for example order manager, he or she will see relevant information in the dashboard. This makes it practical to create to-do lists in your dashboard, with the information you need. 

Obviously, it is useful for an order manager to have an overview of all jobs. All jobs that belong to them and for which, for example, they have not yet received files. Then the order manager can go down the list from here, pick up the phone, send an email and once the files are received, he or she can tick them off so that at the next refresh, this job line will no longer be seen.

By giving the right people the right access to certain data, you protect the integrity and accuracy of that data. You also determine which employees only have 'viewing' functionality and also who can use a printer.

  • Overview: view all information on user rights within the familiar MultiPress environment 
  • Efficient: manage user rights centrally and save time 
  • User-friendly and secure: MultiPress makes your business information accessible in real time to users with the appropriate rights, but constantly monitors to prevent unauthorised access