As a print media company, it is not always possible to have every graphic production process in-house, but no doubt you will want to be a one-stop shop for your customers and offer a full range of print products and services. You will know your customers and their way of working, so it would be a pity if, for example, besides brochures and other offset printing you could not supply the roll-up banners that their marketing department needs.

This is why we have made it easy and convenient with the 'MultiPress 2 MultiPress' module. Now print media companies can join forces.

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With the MultiPress to MultiPress module you can streamline your collaboration with other MultiPress users. You can easily exchange calculations and orders. In this way, you work with the most up-to-date information, per order and in the familiar MultiPress interface.

  • You quickly deliver products to your customers and communicate transparently and correctly with your colleagues
  • Your MultiPress system offers mutual security and provides an overview of the agreements you have made between you regarding prices and delivery times
  • Once the order is in your MultiPress system, you can use the purchasing module not only to place the order and create the order, but also to immediately send the PDF from the folder structure
  • Advantageous collaboration: The MultiPress to MultiPress module can link the MultiPress systems of several companies together, so that orders are handled as if by a single company 
  • Time-saving: orders are created and managed simultaneously in two systems, without additional handling 
  • Efficient: thanks to the links between several MultiPress systems, calculations can be made using the machines of cooperating parties