Engage with your customer

High-quality, targeted and relevant communication, preferably with a personal touch: that is the objective for many print companies. An ever-growing customer base sometimes makes this difficult. With MultiPress you can retain an overview and centrally manage all customer and supplier correspondence such as e-mails, letters and documents.

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All conversations with customers, suppliers and other contacts are managed centrally within the Correspondence module. This means that you can store not only what is discussed but also the names of the people who took part in the conversation and in what context.

With this advantage, you will always have full information at your disposal to answer questions and requests appropriately and your contacts will really appreciate this personal approach!

Do you have a new product or service on offer? Proactively let your customers know what you have to offer through a selective and personalised mailing.

With MultiPress you can make the right selections so that your client feels you are addressing them personally. You can also easily follow your mailing campaigns in MultiPress, from creation to conversion.

With the Calendar module you can easily optimise all internal communications in your print media company. This module keeps track of your appointments and links them directly to all relevant information in the CRM system.

Similarly, the integration of the E-mail module ensures efficient and transparent information flows.

Features of Communication

All your correspondence managed centrally

Store letters and other communications directly in the MultiPress client folder so that any employee with the appropriate user rights can consult the respective correspondence.

Mail Campaigns
Personal communication with the right focus

With MultiPress, you can select the right clients for personalised mail campaigns. You can also easily manage your mail campaigns in MultiPress, from creation to conversion.

Great planning starts here

With the Calendar module you can easily optimise the internal and external communication in your print media company.

Integrated e-mail Client
Mail to all your contacts from MultiPress

With the fully integrated e-mail client in MultiPress, you can send e-mails to your contacts quickly and easily.