Calculations tailored to your specific product range

The fully integrated product configurator: the MultiPress Calculation Wizard, makes any calculation much easier and faster. Based on a few carefully prepared presets, the order calculator can select the raw materials, printing processes and finishing forms relevant for that type of print product. In the background, the complete calculation and quotationare made. It really doesn't get any faster than this.

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The MultiPress Calculation Wizard works on the basis of presets, which you can adjust entirely to the possibilities and rates within your print media company. You will already notice this when you enter the basic data such as print run and format: the Wizard will only show the follow-up steps and options that apply to your selection. And even that is not always necessary: the Wizard is able to retrieve the necessary metadata (format, number of pages) from the supplied PDF file itself!

For the calculations, the Wizard uses the calculation modules and all the current rates in your MultiPress system. The Wizard chooses the most economical production method and immediately displays the cost price, so that you have the right information to determine a competitive price with correct margins.

The working method of the Calculation Wizard works perfectly in combination with external web shops. Instead of working with fixed prices based on template calculations, it is possible, via an API, to have your webshop calculate live with the help of the Wizard. This enables your customers to make purchases with more insight and ease of use, and to receive an up-to-date quotation for each desired configuration immediately.

  • Fast and efficient: the extensive automation of your calculation processes saves time and money
  • Correct prices, healthy margins: the Calculation Wizard provides non-standard printed materials with a correct sales price and healthy margins
  • Always up-to-date: simply adjust your rates or working method centrally, so that Calculation Wizard always uses the latest data in every calculation
  • Uniform pricing policy: the outcome is always the same in Calculation Wizard, regardless of your employee's calculation experience