Flexible price calculation for special products

With MultiPress you can automate and standardise your calculations easily and flexibly. Even for products with special parameters or requirements, you can count on the powerful support of MultiPress.

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In addition to your standard products that are easy to calculate with the Template Calculation or the Calculation Wizard, you also have more special products on offer. These are products that are made using special materials or production methods. You use this module to calculate the price of those materials and the production time for these print orders. It allows you to flexibly put together unique calculations, based entirely on your specific wishes and requirements. 

The template-based calculation uses standard calculations for common products. The versatile MultiPress Calculation Wizard is also based on predefined products, materials and production methods.

  • Fast and efficient: for special products, you can rely on the powerful calculation engine of MultiPress
  • Correct prices, healthy margins: the calculation of special products provides clear insight into the real costs of an order and ensures the correct sales price with healthy margins
  • Optimal mix: choose the appropriate layout and production method for your special products within your machine park
  • Increase your service level: offer your customers more choice with special products and special materials that differ from your standard offering