The basis for every strategic choice

Clear sales forecasts are vital for your business in the dynamic printing sector. However, trying to do this manually is time-consuming and your sales forecasts can often be inaccurate. With MultiPress, this problem is a thing of the past. With the Opportunity Analysis functionality in MultiPress, you can make strategic choices based on reliable analyses. This gives you the tools to respond with the necessary flexibility to current developments.

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MultiPress Opportunity Analysis monitors the course of your print media business. Forecasts can be made on several levels:

  • When you indicate the expectations per quarter and per client, you can immediately compare these forecasts with current sales.
  • In addition to the expected turnover, you can enter the possible turnover
  • Once the forecast has been achieved, you know exactly how much additional revenue you can potentially generate for the set period

You save time because you can use your forecasts for consecutive periods. MultiPress copies the forecast data and applies this to the next period. Percentage adjustments are easy to make.

  • Reliable and flexible: make strategic choices based on forecasts and respond flexibly to current developments
  • Time-saving: manage time efficiently because you can run forecasts for consecutive periods
  • Predictable business operations: forecasts are determined per quarter and per relationship. Overviews of forecasts on every level are quickly and easily available
  • More efficient planning: due to the clarity, central management, and adjustment according to current events, forecasts provide a better match between planning and order inflow