Manage your post calculations in MultiPress

The overall costing overview is an extremely important tool for monitoring and managing the costs and profitability of your print media business. With the MultiPress Post-calculation Management module, you have various overviews at your disposal based on specific orders, customers and other selection criteria.

All barriers that may hinder insight into business operations have been removed, as MultiPress has made the subsequent and complete post calculation process as simple and clear as possible.

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With the MultiPress Post-calculation Management module, you can manage all post calculation data on delivered orders. The data is displayed in a total overview to which you can apply various filters. For example, you can make a selection on operations, which gives you an overview of all hours registered in the subsequent calculation.

It is also possible to filter by materials, work orders, customers, orders and departments.

  • Permanent control: the details of all delivered and closed orders are constantly at your fingertips, without any administrative handling
  • Detailed overview: thanks to extensive options for making selections, you can compile overviews at any level