With MultiPress, you create links to other software based on APIs for data exchange inside and outside your print media company. In this way, you can guarantee the smooth flow of data exchange with your regular customers.

Even within your own company, you can use APIs to link systems that do not support the JDF graphic exchange standard.

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APIs are a popular and effective way for digital systems to communicate with each other, providing limitless opportunities to offer new services.

Digital interfacing with customer and supplier systems results in increased customer loyalty, better service, more efficient purchasing and inventory management, and higher levels of automation.


With the MultiPress secure API integration, you effortlessly control digital contact with ordering and transportation systems, web interfaces and workflow systems.

An API provides the right set of definitions to establish these links. The links are extensible and customizable, providing an excellent foundation for long-term relationships with customers and suppliers


  • Expansion with New services: offer new services in countless ways
  • Better customer loyalty: direct links to your customers' systems
  • Efficiency through linking: create links to digital production systems even if they do not support the JDF standard
  • Automation and time savings: API links automate operations such as ordering, transport and machine control