In MultiPress, you can accurately record all status updates and production data via any operating system, any platform and via your preferred working method. MultiPress gives you instant control over your entire production. No more cluttered job sheets!

This central data entry and storage facility eliminates errors and unnecessary administrative actions, thus saving time and money.

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Shop floor registration in MultiPress provides access through its own web server to any browser, making it operable on any device in your print media company.

The MultiPress web-based registration module automatically creates an order list based on the schedule, which goes automatically to the production employee. The integrated time recording system, books production hours directly to specific orders, quotations, projects or customers. For cost and wage accounting purposes, the employee time recording records the times of arrival and departure plus breaks

  • Up-to-date status - anytime, anywhere: live display of the status of every job, collection center and employee activity on any device
  • Time savings and accuracy: manual completion of job sheets is no longer necessary, so you do not lose production time
  • Web-based order list: production employees receive a web-based order list directly from planning
  • Real-time stock management and automatic debiting: up-to-date insight into stock levels without additional actions. Reserved materials are taken off and charged according to consumption
  • Barcodes and labels: delivery notes and labels are generated and printed with one mouse click
  • Accurate post-calculation: simple start-stop function transmits data for accurate post-calculation