Ready for Industry 4.0 in the printing industry?

In modern business operations in a challenging market, tightly controlled information flows are crucial. MultiPress is your ideal software toolbox for the central storage and exchange of all necessary product and process data. Moreover, you can smoothly integrate and connect with any other piece of hardware and software within your company as well as at customers, suppliers and partner organisations.

MultiPress offers numerous connection and integration possibilities. For example, you can support the exchange and synchronisation of data with all kinds of equipment, ordering systems, web portals, CRM and reporting systems. You can also optimise collaborations with other MultiPress users and these different companies can be controlled as one production environment. 

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To make all those links possible, MultiPress works with key industry standards. JDF support ensures fast and error-free information exchange between systems and machines. 

Moreover, JDF makes the MultiPress API Connectivity a powerful connector

Your customers can place and execute orders directly from their own ERP or ordering systems, without the intervention of order managers. 

MultiPress synchronises all data between the various databases thanks to support for industry-standard ODBC. The standardised exchange of data with transport companies and suppliers is also a huge step towards more efficient operations. 

  • Workflow optimisation: all business units and the applications belonging to customers, suppliers and partner companies are linked to MultiPress in a standardised manner via JDF, APIs and ODBC 
  • Synchronisation: data sharing with other applications takes place in real time. Exporting or importing files is no longer necessary 
  • Competitive management: thanks to the extensive linking possibilities in MultiPress, you can build a production environment that meets the required criteria for Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Smart Factory 
  • Customer loyalty: through MultiPress's high-quality web-to-print applications, your customers are able to place their orders directly from their own system 

Features of Connectivity

MultiPress to MultiPress

Collaborate with others via MultiPress to MultiPress

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MultiPress API Connectivity

Link your systems with MultiPress

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MultiPress Transport Connectivity

Ship efficiently with MultiPress

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MultiPress Order Exchange with Customer ERP

Connect MultiPress to ERP systems via API

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MultiPress ODBC Connectivity

Securely exchange data with other applications

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MultiPress paper and substrates supplier connectivity

Link MultiPress to supplier platforms

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MultiPress Accounting Connectivity

Connect MultiPress with your accounting package

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Automate your workflow

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Job Definition Format (JDF & JMF)

Automate your workflow with JDF connectivity

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MultiPress CRM Connectivity

Link MultiPress with your CRM system

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MultiPress Web-2-Print Connectivity

 Build Web2Print applications with MultiPress

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MultiPress Data Collection (Internet of Things)

Evolve into a 'smart' print business with MultiPress

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MultiPress WooCommerce Connect

Integrate WooCommerce with MultiPress

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MultiPress Connection with Probo

Connect MultiPress to Probo

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MultiPress to Agency

Strengthen your relationship with advertising agencies

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