Prevent repeated complaints with clear complaints registration

Do you know exactly why a customer filed a complaint and how you can avoid this in the future? With the structured complaints registration facility in MultiPress, complaints are linked to specific orders, plus you get an overview of the possible failure costs. This helps you to reduce the number of complaints in the future.

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MultiPress registers customer complaints in a clear and structured manner. This complaint information includes photographs of any damage so you have a clearer understanding. Linking the information from each complaint to a specific order provides a clear picture of the overall failure costs. Importantly, MultiPress warns you when creating repeat orders for that client, so that a repetition of the complaint can be proactively prevented.

Thanks to the way in which MultiPress records your clients' complaints, your company immediately has the information needed for your ISO certifications. The overview in MultiPress also makes analyses possible, so that you can monitor quality with structural measures and reduce failure costs.

  • Insight and control: by linking complaints to orders, you gain insight into the failure costs and can prevent them in the future
  • Better margins: with appropriate measures and targeted investments, you can reduce the failure costs
  • Satisfied customers: the correct resolution and subsequent effective prevention of complaints translates into greater customer satisfaction