More qualitative leads and prospects

Prospecting and business development requires considerable effort and investment, here is where MultiPress can help you find prospects and make the acquisition process as efficient and effective as possible.

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In order for your business to grow healthily, it is important to not only maintain your customer relations, but also to look out for new leads or prospects.  Do you know if your print media company has the relevant information required to turn a conversation with a prospect into a success?  Do you know how much time is spent on these conversations, and how often you welcome a prospect as a customer?

Make sure that your investments in prospecting pay off effectively!  Activities in the areas of prospecting, business development and acquisition require a coordinated and structured approach. The Prospecting & Acquisition module in MultiPress, centrally registers all of these activities.  By providing a clearer insight into how much time is spent and what your success rate is, you will be able to improve your business development activity and generate results. 

  • Professional communication: you have all the relevant information at your disposal that is required for approaching prospects
  • Insightful and efficient: analyse your acquisition activities and improve the results
  • Growing customer portfolio: your investments in business development will pay off effectively