Creating invoices is lightning fast with MultiPress. All necessary data is collected and made visible immediately. Send your invoice directly as a PDF via e-mail or invoice electronically.

In this case, you deliver the information of your invoice to your customer according to an agreed standard format - for example XML or UBL - so that the data can be processed easily, quickly and error-free in their system.

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Every conceivable feature is possible in MultiPress such as group billing (for customers who prefer to receive only one monthly invoice), partial billing, split billing and pro forma billing along with many others.

MultiPress also records all orders, purchase prices and deliveries at the order level. As soon as you book an incoming purchase invoice in MultiPress, you immediately have all the data needed for verification. Each purchase invoice can be quickly and easily authorized for timely and correct payment.

Is an invoice not paid on time? Or, does a customer exceed the agreed credit balance? With MultiPress, you can monitor your financial affairs easily and effectively.

With MultiPress, you can take the payments made by customers off the outstanding items. Thanks to the seamless link with your financial software package, you can easily import the latest payments, after which all movements are made directly in MultiPress.

  • Overview: you have all financial information at a glance and have insight into the status of all outgoing and incoming invoices
  • Fast and correct: all order data needed for the invoice is immediately available and always up to date
  • Save time and avoid errors: no time is lost having to search for information. You avoid additional costs being charged or incomplete invoices, also orders not yet invoiced.
  • Efficient and complete: by highly automating the invoicing process, you save time and avoid mistakes and errors. Links to accounting packages, external applications and digital payment environments make the payment process extremely efficient

Features of Invoicing & Financial Management

Online Payments

Help customers make their payments easily online

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Invoice quickly and correctly through automation

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Payment Monitoring

Track all payments easily

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Payment Reminders

Automate your reminders with MultiPress

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Opt for even smoother e-invoicing

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Automated Purchase Invoicing

Automate the processing of your purchase invoices

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Purchase Invoice Management

Manage your procurement invoices

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MultiPress Accounting Link

Connect your accounting software with MultiPress

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Automatic invoicing

Automate your invoicing

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Sales Invoice Portal

Consult your sales invoices on site wherever, whenever!

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