Know what was said

Good customer relations, is the backbone of any print media company.  Professional communication is key. Keeping a consistent, diarised record of personal interactions such as personal meetings, telephone contacts and other correspondence with your customers helps maintain strong customer relationships.  The Contact Information Management module in MultiPress, means your teams will be able to speedily follow up on customer communications and this will effectively  strengthen your relationships with your customers time and again.

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In the Contact Information Management module, all contact information is managed centrally. No more wasting time searching through the mailbox to find out exactly what was said and written. Telephone calls are also managed centrally here and can be accessed by anyone with the appropriate user rights.  Moreover, actions can be linked to the reports, such as an automatic reminder for a call appointment or the timely dispatch of a quotation. In this way, you maintain an overview, appointments are efficiently followed up and customer satisfaction increases.

In an activity log, you can see the history of all interactions so that the commercial follow-up runs much more efficiently. Post-its are a thing of the past because MultiPress spontaneously brings you a digital reminder when and where you really need it. This centralised approach ensures more satisfied clients, more efficiency and better results.

  • Professional communication: record all relevant information about customer contacts consistently and respond adequately to questions and requests
  • Correct follow-up: automatically link actions to recorded agreements and ensure efficient follow-up
  • Customer satisfaction: good customer relationship management is the backbone of your business