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Almost every print production company has a diverse range of machinery with a mix of digital and conventional presses and sometimes also extensive finishing equipment. For every printing job, it is important to choose the right production method, not only technically to guarantee the quality of the job, but also economically. Efficiently produced jobs make for healthier profits.

With the MultiPress calculation engine, you can quickly determine the most favourable layout, technology and machine for each quotation: efficiently produced at a competitive price, with healthy margins.

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The MultiPress calculation engine is able to calculate your pricing of any type of printing process, regardless of the production technique. If there is any doubt about the machine or format selected, MultiPress will calculate and recalculate the most profitable combination for you. You can then select the most economical production cost. MultiPress also offers the fastest calculation for the finishing processes in production. Thanks to the extensive dimensioning module, MultiPress automatically calculates all the finishing elements from cutting to packaging. On the basis of the printing sheet data, a few final ticks and the calculation is complete.  

The combination of the calculation techniques in MultiPress can produce a final result in one quotation. Not only do you know the exact total cost price, the sales price is also presented attractively and convincingly to the customer. In times of tight margins and strong competition, the application of multiple circulation prices and (finishing) variants in your quotation is an indispensable technique for increasing your service level and securing margins.

MultiPress contains about fifteen different techniques for quotation calculations. These have been developed in cooperation with experts and leading clients from the graphics industry. Each calculation technique has its own specific requirements, so that your order managers can calculate the correct cost price and desired selling price with minimal input and maximum flexibility.

The MultiPress calculation modules use the centrally managed information on machines, materials and activities, among other things, to quickly determine the optimum working method and the correct cost structure. In this way, you not only have correct quotations with an appropriate selling price, you consistently have direct insight into the actual production costs, the production time and the planning.

  • Fast and efficient: the extensive automation of your calculation processes saves time and money
  • Correct prices, healthy margins: insight into the real costs of an order, results in a correct sales pricing and healthy margins
  • Optimal mix: always choose the most favourable arrangement and the right production method within your machine park
  • Increase your service level: offer your customers more choice with attractive print run prices and product variants

Features of Production Technology Calculation

Calculation digital printing

Calculate the price of your digital printing

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Calculations - Large Format Printing

Calculate the price of your large-format printing

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Calculation Sheet Offset

Calculate the price of your printed products

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Calculation finishing, handling & refinement

Calculate the price of your finishing and fulfilment

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Screen printing calculation

Calculate the price of your screen prints

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Calculation of coldset rotation

Calculate the price of your print jobs

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Calculation of web offset heatset rotation

Calculate the price of your print jobs

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Rotogravure calculation

Calculate the price of your print jobs

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Flexo-rotational calculation

Calculate the price of your print jobs

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Foil printing calculation

Calculeer de prijs van jouw foliedrukwerk

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Lamination Calculation

Calculate the price of your lamination

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Calculation subcontractors

Outsource work at the keenest prices

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Configurable Finishing Machine Calculation

Calculate the price of your complex print jobs

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Integrated calculation sheet

Calculate the price of your print jobs with flexibility and certainty

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Roll processing calculation

Calculate the price of your print job per roll

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Product configurator

Configure the Calculation Wizard with MultiPress Formula Builder

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Price Arrangement Builder

Flexible working, with partners too

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Newsprint calculation

Calculate the price of your newspaper productions

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Cutting frame library

The optimal arrangement of your cutting frames in MultiPress

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