Easy automation in MultiPress

Within each graphic production company you have several indispensable processes for a streamlined production. Unfortunately, these processes are not always linked to relevant data, which means that a lot of time is lost in searching for, or passing on and checking information.

By building a bridge between these 'islands', you can automate the exchange of data and the control of tasks. With MultiFlow for MultiPress, graphic production companies can make huge efficiency gains.

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The MultiFlow module in MultiPress makes it possible to design your own workflow, either completely or partially, in flow charts. In this way you can automate repetitive (prepress) tasks such as the feedback and processing of information and the validation of a proof with the customer.

This graphical workflow is fully automated based on rules, as in this simple example: if a print-ready file is delivered by e-mail, then that file goes directly to the designated folder in the production flow. In the same way, MultiFlow can also request validation of a proof and signal feedback, and, for example, process all data from webshop orders received online in the workflow.

The possibilities of using MultiFlow to convert digital information into automatically performed activities via flowcharts are endless. They only require the creativity of the user - because MultiFlow not only works within the MultiPress environment, but also supports combinations with external applications.

This complete integration, both of external applications with MultiPress and of the MultiPress modules themselves, provides unprecedented linking possibilities. Moreover, you can respond extremely flexibly to new circumstances and fewer repetitive tasks in your work process saves time and prevents costly errors.

  • Automated workflow: digital information from various processes within your company comes together in a flow chart that automatically generates activities. Manual actions are no longer necessary. This reduces the error load, while productivity increases.
  • Efficient customisation: Multiflow's basic module already offers a wide range of possibilities, but can be expanded with customised solutions.