Ship efficiently with MultiPress

Do you always want to know the status of your shipments but dread the time-consuming consultations? Now you can have them to hand! MultiPress takes care of all the communication with delivery services and ensures that all relevant information is available, even for your customers.

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In a clear overview, MultiPress shows which delivery service handles which shipment, where it will be delivered and its status. 

As soon as the shipment is registered with the delivery service, you can print the details on a shipping label. The track & trace code is automatically forwarded to the customer, so they are also aware of the status of their order. 

The cost of a shipment is automatically included in the post calculation, speeding up the shipping process and minimising the risk of errors.

  • Time-saving: automated data processing not only reduces administration costs but also the risk of errors 
  • Transparent: all necessary data in one shipping overview, track & trace codes are sent directly to the customer 
  • Central management: manage your shipments entirely from MultiPress 
  • Ease of use: create shipping labels from within MultiPress