Always know the status of your shipments without time-consuming consultations with transport companies. With MultiPress all necessary communications with shippers are taken care of and all relevant information is quickly available to you and your clients.

MultiPress provides links to various transport platforms. This allows you to oversee all the details of a delivery at any time. In a clear overview, MultiPress shows which carrier is responsible for each shipment, where it will be delivered and what the status is. As soon as the shipment has been registered with the carrier, you can print the details on a shipping label to go with the package. The Track & Trace code is automatically forwarded to the customer, so they are also aware of the status of their order.

The cost of a shipment is immediately processed in the post calculation. Thanks to the MultiPress Transport Connectivity module, manual retyping of address and shipping information in external systems is a thing of the past. The process of shipping is greatly accelerated and the risk of errors is minimized.

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  • Time saving: The retyping of address and shipping data is a thing of the past. This not only reduces administration costs, but also the risk of errors.
  • Transparency: All the information about the shipment is available in a single overview via MultiPress. Track & Trace codes are sent directly to the customer.
  • Centralized management: All shipment information is available in MultiPress. It is no longer necessary to operate multiple external systems.
  • Ease of use: data for shipping labels is available from MultiPress