Calculate the most competitive price in no time

Truly profitable production depends on correct pricing: a competitive cost price allows you to determine a healthy margin. But determining a competitive price for a print job is inherently difficult due to factors such as fluctuating material prices, complex production processes and difficulties in correctly estimating installation costs. 

Whatever the print job, the intelligence in MultiPress software manages and calculates for you the best price based on up-to-date customer information, supplier prices and production data.  Every possible detail can be entered in MultiPress and in a few steps you can send profitable quotes to your clients!

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Even employees with little experience can quickly and easily arrive at the correct calculation. Based on a few carefully prepared presets, the fully integrated product configurator can select the raw materials, printing processes and finishing forms relevant for that type of print product. In the background, the complete calculation and quotation are made. By being able to fully rely on your price calculation, you are in a much better position to compete. With the advantage of this quick and effective calculation your order managers can save a great deal of time, which can then be spent on more complex customer queries.

MultiPress offers you the choice of working with your predefined standard calculations or unique price calculations for special print orders with the dynamic Calculation Wizard. Repeated orders are also no problem for MultiPress.

  • The calculations in MultiPress are always based on fixed parameters within the customer's order description, but can just as well be derived fully automatically from the supplied pdf files.  The system recognises elements such as colour, number of pages and format. For example, a 16-page full-colour brochure in A4 format is calculated quickly, and only variable options such as self-coverage, paper type and print run need to be entered.
  • The MultiPress calculation modules use the centrally managed information on machines, materials and activities, amongst others, to quickly determine the optimal working method and the correct cost structure.
  • The price lists of regular suppliers or order-specific price requests from third parties are directly included in the calculation. This not only provides you with correct quotations, but with an appropriate selling price. It also gives you direct insight into the actual production costs, the production times and the overall planning 24/7.
  • Fast and efficient: the extensive automation of your calculation processes saves time and money
  • Correct prices, healthy margins: insight into the real costs of an order results in a correct sales price and healthy margins
  • New opportunities for growth: you can issue quotations quickly and accurately, increase the degree of scoring and improve your margins
  • Make better use of e-business: link your online ordering environment via an API directly to the calculation module, so that your webshop always displays current prices

Features of Calculation

Production Technology Calculation
Calculate the right price every time

With the MultiPress calculation engine you can quickly determine the most favourable layout, technology and machine for each quotation: efficiently produced at a competitive price, with healthy margins.

Calculation Methods
A suitable calculation method for every type of print order

Whatever growth scenario you choose, it all starts with an efficiently organised calculation process. With MultiPress, you can automate the calculation of costs for quotations and orders to a high degree, allowing you to quickly and accurately make a competitive offer for every request.

Suppliers & Subcontractors
Current prices of suppliers and subcontractors

Choose the right materials for each calculation, directly from your suppliers' catalogues, and automatically make price requests for subcontracted work.