Electronic invoicing is more than sending a digital invoice via a standard procedure. Universal Business Language is a now widely used XML-based standard, for example in government tenders.

Thanks to MultiPress, customers can process your digital invoices in UBL format directly in their financial system. This makes your invoicing smooth and future-proof!   With MultiPress, you deliver the invoice information in UBL format, possibly adapted to the customer's wishes, direct to your customer's digital purchasing environment. This way, the data is processed easily, quickly and error-free in your customer's system.

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Creating invoices is lightning-fast with MultiPress. All the necessary data is collected and displayed immediately.

You can choose manually or fully automatically which order or orders to generate an invoice. All the necessary data is collected and displayed immediately. You can view the post-calculation and, if necessary, add extra lines of text or adjust data on the invoice.

Generating a partial invoice or combining several orders on a collective invoice is also easy and fast.

  • Error-free processing: supply the digital invoice information correctly in XML format so your customer processes invoices faster and error-free
  • Fast and efficient: by sending digital invoices largely automatically, you save a lot of time and speed up payment of your invoices