Manage your commission data in an orderly and fast way

Which intermediaries get commission and how much? Keeping track of agreements with intermediaries is a time-consuming task. Thanks to MultiPress's Commercial fee reporting, you have instant insight into all data relating to commissions.

The user-friendly module saves you a lot of administration and search time and provides a clear overview of all paid commissions.

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When a quote is requested and orders are placed through an intermediary, for example an advertising agency, they usually receive a percentage of the sales price. In MultiPress, you can enter this percentage accordingly.

Commercial fee reporting gives you insight into the number of invoices, the invoice amounts and the corresponding commission percentages and amounts. If desired, the overview shows the data per customer, company name, salesperson, product type and period.

  • User-friendly: MultiPress retrieves the relevant data from the system and automatically compiles an overview
  • Clear overview: commission amounts and percentages are easy to collect and select by customer, company name, seller, product type and period