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ERP software for ambitious printing (offset, digital, large format, rotation, ...) and dynamic advertising companies (media, advertising, web, PR & communication, ...) trusted by more then 3500 graphical companies throughout Europe.



  • MultiPress


    Creapack says goodbye to unnecessary double entries, excess efficiencies and much more with their choice of MultiPress.

  • MultiPress

    Goos Reclamemakers

    The company was completely ready for a solid upgrade of its ERP/MIS system. So when Insad was taken over by Dataline in 2020...

  • MultiPress


    MultiPress MIS/ERP software provides CTRL-P with ever possible administrative capability and benefit, not least a...

  • MultiPress


    Dataline was able to compose a package of modules for Gopacking to give them a comprehensive suite of MiS/ERP software tools...

  • PunaMusta

    After some research, it became clear that MultiPress, the ERP/MIS software from Dataline, was the best choice for PunaMusta...

  • MultiPress

    Jet d'Encre

    What can a small graphics company expect from an ERP system like MultiPress?

  • MultiPress

    Provincie West-Vlaanderen

    A workflow of such magnitude needs firm business software like MultiPress.

  • MultiPress

    Drukkerij De Press

    Printing business De Press engages in both offset and digital printing. We decided to concentrate on offset and further...

  • MultiPress

    Vanderperk Groep

    Vanderperk Groep was more than ready to utilise the modular and more complete structure of MultiPress.

  • Drukkerij VD

    n order to manage and integrate this diversity, the management chose Dataline's MultiPress at a very early stage.

  • MultiPress


    Met MultiPress kozen ze de software die op een snelle manier tegemoetkomt aan hun interne noden. Wat in dit geval neerkomt op...

  • Dioss

    Extensive and efficient production in any company requires a solid and connected administration system. By choosing...

  • MultiPress

    Multicopy Alphen aan den Rijn & Zoetermeer

    With the successful growth at Multicopy Alphen aan den Rijn and Multicopy Zoetermeer, plus the addition of extra services to...

  • MultiPress

    Digital Print

    Why make things difficult when they can be so easy? At Digital Print, they quickly realised that the difference between...

  • MultiPress

    Hubregtse Group

    Door te kiezen voor MultiPress, neemt Hubregtse Group afscheid van verschillende ERP-eilandoplossingen. Ook de...