Repeat order? No problem!

With MultiPress, creating an order on the basis of an order, whether amended or not, is effortless and fast. All the necessary order information is managed centrally and is therefore always immediately available.

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During order creation, MultiPress also feeds stock management and production and dispatch planning with the correct data from the new order.

With MultiPress, every order manager can create a new order in minutes, based on a repeat order (whether amended or not). After updating the existing data for the new order, such as the print run and the delivery date, MultiPress immediately feeds the stock management and the production and shipping planning with the correct data. Everything takes place in a streamlined process. This means no time is lost looking for the right information and the chance of making mistakes when creating orders is minimal. With MultiPress, you can set an automated production process in motion.

  • Fast and accurate: with MultiPress, order managers create new orders in minutes, using centrally managed and therefore always accurate information
  • Streamlined process: the administrative registration of each new order is immediately in order, from confirmation to reservation and from production to dispatch