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With the award-winning MultiPress App: Planning and Installation, you keep in touch with the fitters of sign and large-format jobs. They can carry out the installation of print jobs more smoothly and efficiently thanks to this app. The app is extremely user-friendly and very convenient to follow projects remotely until completion.

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The day of a sign and large format fitter starts with a daily schedule, route planning and estimated time frame. But what if a job takes longer than expected? Or a customer claims afterwards that the finish product is not as agreed? Or a difficult job messes up the rest of the day's planning?

With the MultiPress App, you can anticipate such problems and make adjustments before things get out of control. Everyone is constantly aware of the daily schedule, working hours and quality control recorded on site.

The application gives fitters a full briefing on their smart device right from the MultiPress App, which manages all information centrally. In real time, fitters can arrange installation and completion, log working time, add photos to the file and record customer approval.

  • Simplified viewing: View today's, yesterday's and tomorrow's plans at a glance.
  • Task details: Easy access to general task information and individual worksheets.
  • Time tracking: Easily log travel and work times in the app.
  • Real-time progress: The app sends data, including photos of the result, in real time to your MultiPress database
  • Visual invoicing: Simplify invoicing with integrated sign functions.
  • Customer signatures: Capture customer signatures directly in the app.