Manage files together with the client

Searching for the right images and files over and over again not only takes up a lot of time, but also leads to errors. This can be done many times more efficiently by allowing customers to choose and order their own materials via your web portal. The File Management module in MultiPress makes it very easy to organise images, logos, die-cuts and other documents for each client in a clear manner.

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With the File Management Module in MultiPress, you can work quickly and easily with the customer. You can use this web tool to manage your customer's files. With the necessary consent, the customer can also manage his folder. Via the web tool, the customer can always download or check these files.

This way, customers get access to their own files. This makes it easier for customers to place new orders for repeated orders. Stored images and files are also always immediately available for use by the customer - for example, in the design templates of the Web-2-Print module of MultiPress.

Our web design web tool also allows the customer to place these files as a variable on a document.

The File Management module makes it possible to always link the right file to calculations, quotations and orders and even to stock management. This way, both your team and the customer are always sure that the latest and correct version of a document, file or product is being used.

  • Additional service: the file management module makes it easy for customers to access their files and place orders directly via the web tool
  • Improved customer loyalty: the management and accurate organisation of the files strengthens the bond with the customer
  • Reduce administrative burden: once the system is set up, the customer can work with his own images and documents, if desired also in combination with the Web-2-Print module
  • Overview offers certainty: there is no need to search for files and no confusion about the correct version