Current prices of suppliers and subcontractors

Understanding the prices of your suppliers and subcontracting partners is an important part of your price calculations. Fortunately, this is easy in MultiPress! Select the right materials for each calculation, directly from your suppliers' catalogues, and automatically make price requests for subcontracted work. These prices are always based on thecurrent data from your suppliers and partners, even including discounts.

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With MultiPress, you have a direct link to the database of your paper or substrate suppliers. This way, you can always calculate prices with the current overview of specifications and available stocks from your suppliers. All associated agreements on prices and discounts are also always up-to-date. All this information makes it very easy to calculate prices and to place your orders via this link.

When outsourcing (partial) work to partners in the print media sector or external specialists, you naturally want to be sure that you are doing this at the most competitive price. This can be done via a simple price request or via fixed price agreements. The calculations are always based on correct and current prices of your partners that are automatically linked via MultiPress.

  • Fast and efficient: the extensive automation of your calculation processes saves time and money
  • Correct prices, healthy margins: insight into the actual costs of an order results in a correct sales price and healthy margins
  • Optimal selection: always choose the most advantageous cooperation at the best price
  • Increase your service level: offer your customers more choice with attractive print run prices and product variants

Features of Suppliers & Subcontractors

Substrate & Paper Catalogue Integration 
Accurate data from suppliers' catalogues

Choose the right paper type or the right substrates from your suppliers' catalogues, compare prices and order the best option directly.

Price Requests for Subcontracting
Outsource work at the most competitive prices

Outsource work to partners in the print media industry or external specialists directly from MultiPress.