Secure online customer portal

This MultiPress online customer portal allows customers to securely manage and control all aspects of their order from quotations and selection to delivery, including data management of personalised orders and individual requests. In addition to huge time and cost savings in order processing, the customer portal enables a secure, fast and transparent workflow for customers and suppliers.

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Designed as a modular system, the online customer portal offers easy access to a number of functions for managing individual products and classic standard items.

The great advantage is that all data from the customer portal comes directly from the MultiPress database. For example, when placing an order, your customer can check in real time whether a stock item is available in the desired quantity.

Among other things, with this module your customer has the ability to -

  • Make calculations and place orders for standard and customised products
  • Online proof and check before purchase
  • Track the status of an order
  • View order history and place a repeat order
  • Place variable data orders via the MultiPress Web-to-Print module 
  • Place part orders reserved for products in stock 
  • View delivery notes and invoices

Unlike virtually all other third-party e-business solutions, the MultiPress customer portal does not require the exporting or importing of data or the re-entry of data every time.

The look and feel of the MultiPress Web customer portal is entirely in your hands and controlled from MultiPress, but if required, our Certified MultiPress Web Partners can help with this.

  • Personal service: your customers have unique access to their own online customer portal so they can manage their orders themselves and check the status in real time 
  • More control: simple and user-friendly ordering process, including corrections and approvals 
  • Optimisation: save time and costs thanks to a more efficient ordering process
  • Customer loyalty: unique tool for strengthening the bond with your customers in a service-oriented way 
  • Workflow improvement: security and transparency in the workflow your customers and yourse