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MultiPress también habla español 

The beautiful country of Spain is located in southwestern Europe. It is a popular holiday destination where many people even have their permanent residence. However, did you know the sun-soaked kingdom also delivers excellent graphic work? A great example is Prodigitalk, market leader in variable-data printing in Spain. This is called 'personalised printing' in plain English. A great number of large companies, including Aegon, Ajuntament de Barcelona (town hall), Gas Natural Fenosa, Redixis Gas and Seat , regularly make use of the services offered by the Barcelona-based company in the field of transactional printing, direct marketing and manuals.

Not only troubled by the heat

Despite the efforts made by the Spanish company on behalf of its customers, the back office suffered from a lack of efficient tools for comprehensive calculation, planning and follow-up. Prodigitalk initially opted for a number of temporary solutions, but these did not meet the expectations. Easy calculations were made via an online tool while more complex calculations were done in Excel. Orders & time schedules were drawn up by hand. MS Navision Dynamics was used for the eventual invoicing process. There is no need to say more. This caused administrative chaos. The back office staff were regularly sweating.  And not only because of the high temperatures.

MultiPress in Spanish? It just sounds great!

So MultiPress took the plane to Spain. The company had to make itself understood in the country of bull fighters and flamenco dancers. So its first and perhaps most important task was to translate everything. The entire front end had to be available in Spanish. Prodigitalk now boasts a brand-new CRM, comprehensive calculations, a clear planning and production overview and time registration. They are once again ready for the upcoming years of growth and prospecting. ‘En español …’

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