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Sign and print company Tiskarna Print Point makes the smart business decision

Ten years go, Blaz Smid started a small 'one man' business to print compact disc stickers for promotional purposes, and labels to promote DJs, signers and song writers. Being a true entrepreneur he realized that he could do more and decided to build his own website to advertise his services. He consequently had to expand his business, because customers visited both his small shop in Ljubljana and his recently well established web site with webshop. Today, Tiskarna Print Point mostly serves B2B customers in Slovenia, supplying most of them directly and approximately 15% via agencies. The more professional approach, greater precision and improved coulours all benefited his business.

MultiPress becoming even more necessary for a wide range of applications

Blaz did not only expand his selling strategies, he also invested in different production techniques and new digital machines. Almost from the beginning, customers were asking for wide format print products and signs. He consequently decided to invest in his first Epson solvent printer and a Summa vinyl cutter and laminating tool. This expansion also led to more employees at Tiskarna Print Point.

Blaz Smid, Managing Director of Tiskarna Print Point

Blaz Smid, Managing Director at Tiskarna Print Point

The next stage in the Print Point story involved the takeover of an offset printing  company in Ljubljana with one B2 offset colour press and one B3 press. Blaz: “In fact MultiPress made this takeover of an offset printing business possible, because although we were not directly familiar with this production technique, by simply configuring also that part of the business in MultiPress we were up and running within 2 weeks. It is safe to say, therefore, that this would not have been possible without MultiPress.”

“MultiPress made the takeover of an offset printing business possible.”

Precision not only in terms of quality, but also in administration

The link between production and administration was and is business-critical. The company made every effort to cope with the increasing number of orders, but with production sites in two different locations and relevant invoices having to be sent, checked and paid, the workload was considerable. Moreover, the administration system was disorganised using spreadsheets and other tools. MultiPress, with its coverage of a wide variety of printed products and extensive range of production techniques, turned out to be the perfect solution to manage the situation.

MultiPress for better organisation and improved customer service

MultiPress was first introduced with the focus on calculation as a key priority. With better organisation the company has a sound base to build upon for the future. Blaz:  “We can now respond quickly to customer requests and improve services and incoming new work. The solution Dataline’s MultiPress provides is independent from the printing systems and cutting equipment or other tools our company is using. We are aware that we also in this case we need to have software that is able to integrate any new production tool that we should acquire in the next step we will make with our company.”

Blaz is convinced that the modular structure of MultiPress will offer an excellent path for future growth. Planning and stock management are now handled in MultiPress. When the new website is live, of which the e-commerce part  will be linked in MultiPress to financial parts such as price calculation, invoicing and follow-up planning. Blaz concludes: “We are lucky to be working with and appreciate the skills of a very knowledgeable project manager and specialist service team from Dataline-MultiPress."

“We appreciate the skills of a very knowledgeable project manager
and specialist service team from Dataline-MultiPress.”


Tiskarna Print Point shopfloor and offices

Tiskarna Print Point shopfloor and offices 

logo Tiskarna Print Point

Company details

Blaz Smid started Tiskarna Print Point as a one-man business printing compact disc stickers and labels for the music industry. Today, Tiskarna Print Point focuses on B2B customers in Slovenia, supplying most of them directly and approximately 15% via agencies.

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