Van der Sanden Zeefdruk

Thanks to MultiPress, the printing company now has a clear invoicing tool.

From old school to paperless: utopia or innovation?

Van der Sanden Zeefdruk is a family printer with 30 years of craftsmanship. Their product portfolio expanded year after year: from screen printing to lettering, via large format printing to car wrapping. An approach that quickly paid off. Among other things, the graphics company is active as a supplier to numerous companies in the Antwerp port region. The young generation that came on board in 2018 clearly did not miss the innovation boat. In order to remain competitive, they also took a close look at the internal organisation. The many manual operations caused unnecessary delays ...

Pure craftsmanship

The printing world is evolving rapidly. Thirty years ago Van der Sanden printers started. Back then, the real screen printing craft was still central. Over the years, the screen printer invested in sophisticated machines to make manual work easier. Thanks to expansion and modernisation, the company grew into a strong player in the large format market. On banners, billboards, vehicles, walls, windows and yes, even on containers ... their creations sparkle. The experienced 7-person team effortlessly completes a wide range of assignments. Their craftsmanship guarantees a razor-sharp, colourfast and durable result.

Old school overboard

In the early years the administration was still manageable. The senior manager knew the prices, customers, orders, ... by heart. Today that's unthinkable. Manual orders, accounting and planning is no longer feasible. Blindly calculating quotations only increases the chance of errors and what about follow-up? When the handover to the next generation happened in 2018, automation was high on the list of priorities.

Go paperless, go MultiPress!

With the choice for MultiPress, the automation of the administration gained momentum. The user-friendly MultiPress program allows you to centrally manage every job in every phase. Down to the last detail! The Van der Sanden team can now serve customers faster: from quotation to delivery. Thanks to MultiPress, the printing company now has a clear invoicing tool. Even with the increased complexity in the price structure, everything runs smoothly and correctly. Thanks to innovation in the product portfolio and in the administration, the company located in Beveren remains competitive.

MultiPress: #1 Business Software for printing businesses

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