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Correct and accurate financial information is indispensable for running a successful business. After all, you can only automate the financial and accounting processes optimally if you have all the correct customer information at your disposal, such as the account numbers, the VAT regime, the payment period, but also the outstanding balance.   MultiPress can support your print media company in all its business decisions with correct and up-to-date financial information.

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In MultiPress, all financial customer information is managed centrally and in a structured manner, from credit limit to payment method, from fixed surcharge to invoice discount. Based on the financial parameters, its possible to automate all your accounting processes giving you a smooth link with your accounting package and minimum risk of costly errors.

  • Up to date and correct: never again will you have to search for the correct financial data on your customers
  • Efficient and secure: all financial customer information is centrally managed so that accounting processes run quickly, automatically and without errors