Birds of a feather fly together: Capitalise on your strengths and cooperate with other MultiPress companies!

11 Jun 2021

As a print media company, it is impossible to do every graphic production process yourself, but you do want to be a one-stop-shop for your customers and offer a full range of print products. After all, you know your customers and their way of working, and it's a shame that, in addition to brochures and other offset print products, you can't provide the roll-up banners that the marketing department needs, for example. That is why it is convenient for print media companies to cooperate. This cooperation is now even easier with the 'MultiPress 2 MultiPress' module.

Don't lose yourself in administration

Making alliances pays off: You can compete better as a print media company if your print jobs meet all your customers' expectations, without you having to invest in new specialised staff or new graphic technologies. But take the wrong approach and you burden yourself with a lot of administrative tasks, or worse, commercial conflicts and logistical problems.

That's why Dataline developed the 'MultiPress 2 MultiPress' module. You can easily exchange calculations and orders. This way, you work with the most up-to-date information, per order and in the familiar MultiPress interface. You offer products to your clients just as quickly and communicate transparently and correctly with your colleague. Your MultiPress system provides an overview of the agreements you have made with each other about prices and delivery times and offers you mutual security. Once the order is in your MultiPress, not only can you place the order and make the order via the purchasing module, but the PDF from the folder structure is also sent over immediately.

What do you get out of it?

  • Less administrative work: The module allows you to avoid a lot of manual work. Orders are automatically created digitally in both MultiPress systems and quotations are processed automatically.
  • Efficient calculations: The link gives you all the information you need to make correct calculations, even with your partner's machine information.
  • Better partner relations: Your cooperation with your preferred partners will gain in quality. The system will ensure that the agreements you have made among yourselves (prices, delivery times) are also correctly respected, mutual safety.
  • Low error rate: The risk of human error is excluded thanks to the digital exchange.

Would you like to give your collaborations a MultiPress boost? Ask for more information here and join the growing network of MultiPress 2 MultiPress users! 

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