Control Cockpit: the order supervisor 2.0

10 Mar 2021

Control Cockpit: the order supervisor 2.0

With profit margins becoming ever tighter, it is important that every aspect of the workflow runs 100% smoothly. Do you know where the difference is often made between a profitable or loss-making order? At the 'job entry', the entry of an order into the workflow. Every order supervisor in a print production company knows that this is where things often go wrong. But how can that be? We list a number of reasons why you regularly lose time and therefore money:

1. Incomplete jobs (still) go into production

A brochure whose cover is still to be made, an exhibition stand of which some walls are missing, language versions that still need to be finalised, etc. Prepress and production are ready and the space is now planned. So, what do we do now? It is a defensible method of working to avoid press stoppages, but it often leads to errors or unnecessary coordination work afterwards. And we haven't even mentioned last-minute changes yet ...


2. What is where …?

Things can sometimes go wrong in the communication between customer and order manager. During the delivery of the desired files, for example. Do they have the agreed format and/or pages? Do they have the desired dpi, ...?

Many order managers have to juggle with information that can be found in various places in the administration. As a result, time is lost in research and the error margins increase drastically: wrong print runs, wrong carriers, ... with unnecessary costs as a result. Because with a deadline breathing down your neck, structured file management is an absolute must!



We took these frustrations to heart and introduced the Control Cockpit

The Control Cockpit ensures that there is a better link between administration and prepress/production. It is the ultimate control tool, turning the person controlling it into a kind of 'Order supervisor 2.0', as it were.

Everything starts with the creation of an order. Once the job is in MultiPress, a 'dialogue' with the client begins. The customer manages the order and the files from a 'secured' environment. The 'Order supervisor 2.0' responds from the Control Cockpit, making a fully centralised assessment of whether the job is ready for production.

From here, the order supervisor performs all the checks until - literally! - all check lights change from red to green. Finally, the job is sent to production, so that prepress, production and possibly the finishing department receive the precise and complete information they need to start up and monitor the job.



The Control Cockpit automates and shifts the problem detection from the file submission to the administration in the preparatory part of the production process. This prevents problems in the planning and execution of print jobs, thus avoiding unnecessary costs for you or your customers.

In addition, the Control Cockpit interface is designed in such a way that you can see at a glance which facets of a job are finished and which are not.

Want to see how the MultiPress Control Cockpit works? Watch the video here.

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