Cost controls for digital printing finally reach 100%

26 Apr 2022

Cost controls for digital printing finally reach 100%

Unique certified link between MultiPress (Dataline) and PrismaSync (Canon)

In our industries, fixed operating costs continue to rise sharply through Increased utility and labour costs and higher raw material prices. Print production companies are battling daily to control their costs.  So it's only natural that companies are searching for solutions. One of the areas where greater control on costs can be achieved, is by adopting efficient and transparent admin processes for accurate cost calculations. In today's print production apparatus there are still some blind spots that need to be cleared up in order to get the best overall view of the actual cost. By accurately calculating in advance how much each print job will cost, no matter which process, companies can make accurate assessments and take appropriate action. Using MultiPress will also mean detailed post-calculations that will give a clear overview of the actual overall cost of each project. Once all costs have been precisely calculated, informed business decisions can be taken and adjustments can be made where necessary.

So it is indeed excellent news for the whole sector that Dataline, together with Canon, has recently brought to market a significant breakthrough in assessing the accurate cost of digital printing. From now on, the exact cost of inkjet can be utilised in MultiPress MIS software. Thanks to the close cooperation between Canon & Dataline, it is now possible to achieve 100% accuracy!

What is the actual ink consumption per job?

In digital printing, the problems have been around for some time. A price is calculated per click/per colour. Different quality levels and/or lower production speeds are also given the same price per click/per colour but this information does not always correspond to the actual ink consumption for a particular job. If for example, the colour coverage is much lower, or if mainly text is printed, the consumption will be less than for conspicuous advertising with many colours and full areas. To reduce costs it is necessary to find out the actual consumption of each printing job.

MultiPress automatically collates all the necessary information, makes the individual calculations and gives accurate feedback following production. By fine tuning the basic parameters, calculations are made on the basis of averages. This specific information gives company management a clear indication of the actual cost of their digital printing and this knowledge can then be used to advantage, for example - designing more attractive offers or enhancing marketing campaigns.

Next level automation

Dataline launched its certification programme a few years ago in order to connect MultiPress with a diversity of software and hardware from other providers. Through standard connections with platforms of financial and logistics companies, e-business, prepress and material suppliers, Dataline and its partners are able to improve the added value of the MultiPress installation in a safe and standardized way. The result is next level automation and efficiency optimisation.

In 2021 Dataline succeeded in setting up a successful JDF/JMF-coupling with Canon equipment. More specifically with the PrismaSync front-end of Canon. This connection allows the MultiPress-MIS/ERP to directly execute commands on all Canon configurations that are driven by PrismaSync. This includes file control, imposition and the print job itself. Virtually all possible Canon production techniques can now be controlled directly from MultiPress.

Actual cost vs. pre-calculated cost

But there is more! Thanks to the data feedback in the PrismaSync front-end, the printer gets a very precise view of the actual inkjet consumption. This information can also be included in the MultiPress post-calculation. This means that there is now a crystal clear view of the actual cost of each job versus the pre-calculated cost.

Dirk Deroo, CEO Dataline states: "Make no mistake, the calculation of the actual cost of toner and inkjet that Dataline has realized with Canon is unique. MultiPress is the only MIS/ERP software in the industry that is able to capture this information and do something meaningful with it!

This certified link between MultiPress MIS/ERP software and the PrismaSync workflow was recorded in a Canon Application Note and distributed within Canon in 2021, so that each MultiPress - PrismaSync can be set up exactly and supported anywhere.


The pressures on cost controls in printing have become a real challenge.  This latest breakthrough will make a big difference.  Without any doubt MultiPress users can significantly improve their competitive position!

Dirk Deroo: 'With MultiPress, Dataline has built up by far the most advanced administrative workflow for graphic production companies.  We will continue to connect MultiPress with more software and hardware from other providers in line with our certification programme.  Through standard connections with platforms of financial and logistic companies, e-business, prepress and material suppliers, our partners and Dataline can improve the added value of the MultiPress installation in a safe and standardised way.  We are committed to next-level automation and efficiency optimisation where the customer can use a sustainable solution supported by both companies, both now and in the future'.

Want to know how the link between Canon PrismaSync and MultiPress works? Talk to our experts!