Dataline and XMPie join forces: launch bi-directional integration of MultiPress MIS/ERP and StoreFlow e-Commerce

21 Jan 2022

Dataline and XMPie join forces: launch bi-directional integration of MultiPress MIS/ERP and StoreFlow e-Commerce

Dataline and Certified MultiPress Partner XMPie have developed a new bi-directional integration that connects web-to-print platform StoreFlow with MultiPress MIS/ERP software for print media companies. What this means and what the benefits are, you can find out in this blog.

Same data available on both platforms

MultiPress MIS/ERP is the driving force behind many print production companies in Europe. To further streamline processes, MultiPress connects with a wide range of solutions from industry leaders such as XMPie. XMPie's StoreFlow offers all the features you need from web-to-print shop software.

With this new certified integration, all print order details generated by the StoreFlow order system, including all digital artwork and assets, are automatically fed into the administrative workflow and production schedule of MultiPress MIS/ERP.

"StoreFlow was built with ultimate flexibility in mind because we know our customers want to grow their businesses in ways they may not even anticipate when they first invest in XMPie," said Ayelet Szabo-Melamed, Vice-President of Marketing at XMPie. "This integration with MultiPress will help print professionals reduce manual tasks and increase profit margins."

This link is possible because StoreFlow and MultiPress use the same data sets. Administrative information about the customer, crucial production information of a print job and all necessary assets are communicated between both platforms.By syncing the data flow in two directions, everyone can access a real-time overview of the required information.

Ultimate flexibility

This link streamlines the order process. MultiPress brings transparency and calculates price information in real-time while orders are fulfilled.

"Especially in the realm of e-commerce, there is a great demand for web-to-print setups where integration with the MIS software adds important automation and intelligence to web storefronts," says Christoph Krohn, MultiPress Product Director at Dataline Solutions. "We are proud that our MultiPress Certified Partner XMPie has further enhanced the customised StoreFlow by integrating it with MultiPress MIS/ERP from Dataline."

The collaboration makes working with StoreFlow and MultiPress a lot more efficient: for example, the customer needs to know the status of his order but doesn't need to know which printing press will be used to print his order. The prepress manager wants to see the production schedule for that day but doesn't care how much the customer paid for the order.

By combining the two data sets from both systems (bi-directional integration),an accurate real-time view of the data in both systems can be maintained, stakeholders can access relevant data for their job, and your print production process can be optimised.

Certified cooperation

Dataline created the certification programme a few years ago. Through this programme, Dataline keeps adding value to your MultiPress MIS through safe, standardized connections. MultiPress links with platforms of financial and logistics companies, e-business, prepress and material suppliers and other certified partners.

Result: next-level automation and efficiency-optimisation through a sustainable solution supported by both companies, now and in the future.