MultiFlow in MultiPress: New and Easy Automation to Maximize Efficiency

30 August 2021

Blog Post MultiFlow with EDP

Every graphic production company has various indispensable processes for streamlining production. Unfortunately, these processes aren't always linked to the relevant data, which means a lot of time is lost in searching, passing on and checking information. By building a bridge between these "islands", these companies can automate the exchange of data and the task-management steps in the production process to deliver time and cost savings. With MultiFlow for MultiPress, graphic production companies can make immense efficiency gains.

Versatile and user-friendly automation

The MultiFlow module of MultiPress makes it possible to fully or partially automate your workflow and a status can be seen in clear flow charts. This visualized workflow will be automated based on a customised set of rules. The user can explore all possibilities without getting lost in an excess of optionsThe clever selection of about 20 modules provides a versatile and flexible basis for effective automation of everyday tasks and processes within MultiPress.  By automating a series of initial small steps, you can achieve immediate results.

These examples show you what MultiFlow can do for your graphic production company:

  • If you receive a print-ready file via e-mail, it can be checked directly via preflight. It is then sent automatically to the appropriate folder in the production flow. This way, you can avoid repetitive manual tasks.
  • Based on a status trigger, the required files can be collated in a specific job folder and checked with a preflighting profile. If there are no alerts, MultiFlow will then move the checked files to the production folder and also change the status to "ready for production". When the automatic check registers at least one alert, the system keeps the file in its original place and sends an e-mail to the order manager.
  • If the message from the platesetter indicates that the plates for a specific printing order are ready, waiting times and unnecessary research are avoided. 

MultiFlow Demo Movie 

Flexible response to new circumstances

The possibilities of using MultiFlow to convert digital information via flowcharts into automatic actions are endless. This only require the user's creativity. MultiFlow not only works within the MultiPress environment but also supports combinations with external applications.  The versatility of MultiFlow means that connections and information streams can be optimised for efficient production in a variety of printing environments using MultiPress.  MultiFlow can also connect with third party software or hardware for ultimate flexibility. This complete integration of both external applications with MultiPress and the MultiPress modules themselves provides unprecedented linking possibilities. Moreover, it is possible to respond extremely flexibly to different and unexpected circumstances.

MultiFlow is of great value to graphic production companies who want to improve their processes and efficiencies to drive business growth. Data from various business processes are automatically brought together in a highly efficient workflow through fully customisable flowcharts. Less manual handling of repetitive tasks saves time and prevents costly errors. Dataline's new MultiFlow in MultiPress can offer graphic production companies a future pathway to 'lights out' automation!

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