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An unforgettable impression

Ambition comes with good administration, and that comes with MultiPress!


The French company 2B Print in Septèmes-les-Vallons near Marseille was founded as an offset printing company in 2008. In 2015, the family business, led by two Burel brothers, took over one of its suppliers and entered the world of large-format printing. Since then, large-format has become 2B Print’s primary activity. With a team of 12 employees, they mainly work for the local market. Projects are finished entirely in-house from draft to delivery: from customisation to banners, car wrapping, POS material and stickers, etc. They do all this work on their SwissQ Print, Zund, and some smaller machines. The administrative management is done with Metrix, in Word, and the planning is merely agreed orally. 

Starting over from scratch is (sometimes) smart

The proverbial ‘straw’ for the Burel brothers was that, as the management, they had entirely misjudged the operating results. After a thorough evaluation, it turned out that instead of the expected loss, they had made a profit ... The result could just as well have been the reverse. However, it did ring alarm bells. 2B Print had to find an ERP/MIS system that fully supports the large-format printing activity, provides a clear and quick insight into the operating results, and is also easy to integrate with the production, more specifically the Caldera RIP software. And did all the ‘old’ systems have to make way for this? Yes, 2B Print’s management decided it was better to make a clean slate and build up again from scratch. In this way, they would be sure that all old habits would be eliminated and the ERP system could grow with the company.

Ready for 2020 project

2B Print has ambitious growth plans and wants to put solid e-commerce on the market by 2020. However, 2B Print’s management realised that this project would never work with an outdated CRM system, accountants having to retype everything, inventory management on gut feeling, oral planning, and a lack of transparent reporting. The requirements of the new ERP system were clear.

The new system had to support all the fundamentals of the company. It should be possible to calculate quotations for both unique and combined (nesting) assignments, include efficient customer and CRM management, have a clear planning tool with time registration, and should be integrated with the production processes, etc.... In other words: MultiPress to the core. 

2B Print will soon start over the existing administrative processes entirely “from scratch” and will switch from Metrix to MultiPress. In the meantime, they are already curious about how MultiPress will support them further in the continued development of their 2020 plans.

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