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MultiPress means no challenge is too great

Andi Smart Print Solutions strives for perfection. This printing firm from Maastricht looks beyond just printing. Its starting point? High quality and speed, along with the smart use of the latest printing solutions. In recent years, Andi has grown into one of the largest suppliers of printed materials in the south of the Netherlands. Offering both digital and offset services, this state-of-the-art printing firm is active regionally, nationally as well as internationally. Medtech is their largest market, with products such as adhesive-bound and stitched booklets.

How do you get to that point as a graphics firm? Through administrative efficiency, and automating and integrating all production processes into one system: MultiPress – both for the front and back office. In the front end – web portal, running on the Web2Print module – the customer assigns the printing order directly in MultiPress, as it were; meaning the administrative lines to the back office are at their shortest.


If a substantial challenge arises, such as having MultiPress manage the Inkjet line, including the barcode system, this can be easily resolved globally through a close collaboration with Canon Europe, Muller Martini Switzerland and MultiPress supplier Dataline.


Efficient front-end


At Andi Smart Print Solutions, they don't just link MultiPress to all kinds of print output. Firstly, they have their own MultiPress portal – Web2Print – where they make things easy for clients by providing a simple interface in various languages. This includes German, English and French, with Polish, Czech, Slovak and Italian now also available.

Furthermore, the graphics company connects two self-developed portals to MultiPress, as well as having linked a number of major clients directly to MultiPress themselves. That means from ERP to ERP without intervention. This makes the margin of error 0%, saving a tremendous amount of time. That’s what you call strategic expertise.

100% pure planning

Through MultiPress, work is performed with pure planning, with projects that are 100% complete. This means less pressure on the production departments, meaning faster lead times are achieved. The orders are scheduled in the short term and further prepared for production with integrated imposition software.

An order therefore comes in entirely complete, it is checked, production processes are scheduled, materials required are purchased or reserved from the stock, and following this the files are prepared for production. This means significant time gain and standardisation, since the printed sheet layout from MultiPress calculations is used, meaning the imposition doesn’t need to be created once again in a separate software package.

Solutions crossing national borders

Even when a tough project presented itself, the printing firm sought out for a suitable solution. A JDF control was specially created for updating the management (closed loop) of the Inkjet line through MultiPress, including the "cover-matching" barcode system, in close collaboration with a number of international partners, such as Muller Martini Switzerland and Canon Europe. And MultiPress supplier Dataline, of course. That challenge was thus wrapped up successfully, and Andi’s clients can once again use smart printing solutions.

MultiPress: #1 Business Software for printing businesses

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