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How to streamline administration in a diversified business?

Belle Screen, a family company, was founded in 1983. Over the years, it has grown into a complete print & sign business, producing orders with its own advanced machinery as well as outsourcing them to third parties. Serving both small and large companies, from design through production to installation, Belle Screen provides eye-catching lettering not only for vehicles but also for façades, shop windows and interiors. A separate department handles general print products, printed textiles (work and sports clothing) and personalised business gifts. This impressive lineup naturally results in a large number of quotations, purchase orders and invoices. And the manual aspect of handling it, unfortunately, was causing a lot of delays. Not ideal for a rapidly expanding company …


Belle Screen was founded by the parents of current CEO Isabel Peeters. Together with her two sons, the third generation is already on the move. Two things were immediately determined for the future of the company. First of all, greater specialisation in signage such as lettering, wrapping and large format printing, especially for interior and decoration applications. All this while retaining screen printing and business gifts – a good example of a diversified business!

Automation, the way forward

Secondly, it was time for a thorough modernisation of the company’s administration and associated workflow. Although the existing way of working had made Belle Screen a financially sound, diversified local player, there was still far too much manual calculation and counting. ‘Simple’ Excel sheets with countless parameters, such as material cost per linear metre, cost of equipment and surcharges, were used to prepare about 40 price quotations per month. With an average processing time of 15 to 60 minutes per item, too much time was being spent on administration. Add to this invoicing and accounting, which were processed in Excel and DOS, and it quickly became clear that automation was the way forward.

MultiPress is growing with the company

Belle Screen was looking for some very concrete improvements:

  • precise calculation of production cost and a professional invoicing workflow,
  • an integrated system to avoid redundant input and errors,
  • a package to keep pace with growing needs (planning, post-calculation, etc.) and numbers of users,
  • a library of all kinds of common standards,
  • price simulations including machines yet to be purchased,
  • keeping price agreements and staggered pricing structures transparent.

No mean task, but MultiPress provides precisely the cross-platform (Mac and PC), modular and integrated business software that seamlessly automates all administrative steps. Modularity enables growth in line with expanding needs. The mixed business of screen printing, promotional gifts and lettering can be easily mastered, and even outsourced work is managed and monitored smoothly and error-free. In short, MultiPress is the ideal partner for Belle Screen’s growth.

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