Berlin is a communications agency that has been around for about 20 years. We specialise in 2 major fields. The first field is B2C; we are very skilled in activating consumer brands for our customers. The second field is B2B; in this case our clients are food industry, automotive or chemical companies who are actually engaged in building a business and assist and stimulate their customers to benefit from this and to evolve their business.

Administration is recreation

When administration becomes a burden, this affects your organisation.
Nowadays you can save a lot of time by drawing up price offers, saving them as orders and creating invoices immediately. You can check whether a project will be profitable. This was much more difficult in the past because everything had to be done manually or you had to combine data from several databases. It is actually our ambition to see administration almost as a form of recreation, and I think that QuoJob helps achieve this to some extent.

QuoJob at a team level

One of the strengths of QuoJob is raising the awareness of every person engaged in a project. So really at a team level. People assist in the time registration process and thus gain insight into how much a project can cost to the customer and how much time this project can take. Profitability and efficiency are no longer the exclusive concerns of the management, but also start to play a role in the mind of everyone who is involved in a project.

Transparent projects

Sometimes you are simply required to deliver a certain level of transparency, to provide access to your statuses and to clarify the corresponding rates. QuoJob enables us to manage this much better than in the past.

Order exchange

Berlin actually works with a number of partners who are active in the audiovisual industry or e.g. develop web-based solutions on our behalf. Some of these partners also use QuoJob, and when this is the case, we can bring our projects in line with each other. They use the same project numbers and descriptions as we do, and this works exceptionally well. Consequently, we can provide updates on the project we are working on and exchange information even with external organisations. This is the main advantage of a web-based solution: it facilitates data exchange and communication.

Continuous evolution

The program has improved considerably over time. As the number of users increases, more and more feedback is submitted to Dataline Solutions. This feedback is picked up and processed quickly and used to introduce improvements in the program. So the service in this field is actually like having someone in your home looking after your interests with the same love and passion. So thumbs up for Dataline Solutions.

QuoJob evolves along

We want to deliver excellent, high-quality and high-impact work and attract the right people to do so. A major advantage of QuoJob is that it is perfectly compatible and consistent with our growth plans. It perfectly supports our organisation’s further growth.

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