Beyaert Printing

Specialised in large format offset and carton packaging

The further growth of Beyaert Printing is in safe hands with MultiPress as the administrative backbone.

 How administration grows with your business. Without stress...

Beyaert Printing is an offset printing company located in Waregem, Belgium with two specialties: large format printing (offset, but also more and more digital) and cardboard. The printed matter is mainly used for the production of POS material. The cardboard department processes flat cardboard and is equipped with the necessary finishing machines for cutting and gluing. Applications are beer baskets and clips, 1- and 4-point glued packaging, car bases, counter displays, ... The operation is framed by a punctual administration in which the flexibility of a family business and the direct communication with their customers are key. Filemaker supported the back office for fifteen years. In recent years, however, the solution turned out to be too labour-intensive to maintain. Beyaert Printing was therefore looking for a standard software solution that also had the same flexibility in the long term, but of which every component could be used immediately . No more lengthy programming processes. And if the same software also contains an immediate link to the accounting, so that invoices no longer have to be entered manually, that's an extra advantage. But does that even exist...?

137 years of strong growth

In 1882 Leon Beyaert started a printing business on the large market in Kortrijk, Belgium. The printing house survived two wars and the fourth generation could celebrate its 100th anniversary in 1982. At that time, the printing company's speciality was already large-format offset printing, but limited to a size of 800 x 1,100 mm. In 1995, with the takeover of Cartonnage Techni-Pack, the finishing of boxes was also brought in-house. This created a new customer base and a second main activity of the printing company. In 2005, Beyaert André and his sons were taken over. In 2007, the three companies moved to one place, under one roof, now called Beyaert Printing. Investments will also be made in a digital printing press at the beginning of 2015. This will provide a timely response to the innovations and demands of the graphics market, while retaining the family business character.

Integration works

Of course all this comes with very specific administration, especially for the large format part. And although Filemaker has been providing good services for fifteen years now, recent developments have always resulted in a lot of reprogramming work. In times of ever-decreasing margins and delivery times, this has to be eliminated. That's why a fully integrated system, with 'ready to go' company and sector-specific modules, is the desired outcome. This is also the case at Beyaert Printing ...


MultiPress is not just a simple MIS/ERP system. It is implemented including modules that can be activated with a few simple clicks:

  • ·       Linking to accounting so that invoices no longer have to be entered manually? Click!
  • ·       Production & forwarding planning, registration and post-calculation so that correct management decisions can be made? Click!
  • ·       Have an integrated system that manages all administrative steps in the production process on one platform? Click!
  • ·       Being able to calculate cost and sales prices in a fast and adequate way? Click!
  • ·       Are you able to control the production planning directly from the approved quotations? Click!
  • ·       Want to keep track of all ongoing projects with profitability and margin at all times? Click!

The further growth of Beyaert Printing is in safe hands with MultiPress as the administrative backbone.

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