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How MultiPress eliminates all administrative worries

BrinkOmega VanPoecke stands for inspiration, facilitation, and realisation, in other words, “Passion for paper finishing”. That takes time. A lot of time. Time they do not have for administration. For BrinkOmega VanPoecke, every aspect of the administration has to be accessible with just a few mouse clicks. Which means that they can spend all their time inspiring their clients. Because MultiPress has relieved them of all their practical worries and associated delays. From quotation to invoice.

MultiPress speaks its clients’ language
BrinkOmega VanPoecke is a modern and particularly innovative graphics company. They present themselves as providers of ideas and see the creation and production of outstanding, creative, and response-increasing products as their added value. By using the latest machinery, the company in Houten can go from print sheet to end product in a single machine run. This saves costs. Most of their clients are from the B2B sphere, such as designers, design agencies, advertising agencies, printers, and publishers.

In 2009, BrinkOmega VanPoecke started looking for a new MIS system. Their objective was to have a single system for the entire internal administrative workflow. From quotations, orders, and invoicing right down to time sheets. Their search yielded several different MIS applications, including MultiPress. They found that the latter fitted in perfectly with their existing internal processes. The fact is that MultiPress’ developers come from the graphics industry and offer solutions to prevent bottlenecks. So, they speak their clients’ language.

Unambiguous pricing
All folding methods and rotation speeds are now included in the rotation tables on the right machine and can be selected when making calculations. This ensures unambiguous pricing, regardless of who makes the calculation. Previously, they used two systems: calculations in Excel plus a separate software package. They had to think up all the rotation speeds themselves. They would enter the results from Excel into the software package manually and then print the quotation. In hindsight, this was an extremely cumbersome and very error-prone process.

Now, they can respond quickly to customer queries, because all data are clearly arranged in a single system. When creating an order and entering the delivery quantities, the invoice can be made up immediately. MultiPress offers the possibility to work with set prices for projects and to fix them. Very useful for repeat orders.

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