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How full service communications provider Comith avoids growing pains...

Often the creators of software solutions claim to be the ideal partners for a company. Because they are compatible. Or they can specifically eliminate a few bottlenecks. Or because they are flexible and grow with the customer. Whether this is really being achieved is another story. Because how do things really work behind the scenes? Comith has an outspoken opinion about this: "We have evolved from a purely graphic company to a full-service communication agency, offering complex communication solutions based on 4 pillars: concept, print, online and events. We produce a lot in-house, but also regularly through subcontractors. In the meantime, we have built up a portfolio of loyal customers, such as Coca-Cola, AXA Bank, Daikin, HEMA, Electrolux, a range of governments and government institutions such as hospitals, colleges, ... And after 19 years, our business software still meets all expectations. We receive regular updates, and the software systematically evolves with our activities".

Comith's back office grew along with the new features that MultiPress offered to them. Because standing still is going backwards, Comith only is satisfied with an administrative backbone that is constantly being improved, automated and made more efficient.  So they went deeper and deeper into their financial and management processes in search of 'tweaks' and 'quick-wins'. In order to further streamline the administration, and also to provide management with some very useful tools.

E-invoicing with Scansys

Thanks to the smart link between the business software and Scansys - a MultiPress Certified Partner - there is now a fully automated processing of invoices. Electronic invoicing is the classic example of process optimisation. A very old paper process (creating, sending, processing, paying and archiving invoices) is thus replaced by an automated exchange of electronic documents that goes much further than 'just' sending PDF files.

Tailor-made folder structure

Of course, as an experienced graphics company you have your data well maintained and there is a good structure. However, the folder structure in MultiPress goes further. It ensures that all incoming files on quotation and calculation level automatically end up in the right place - in the right folder. In MultiPress, when an order is created, a folder structure is automatically linked to the order, completely tailored to the customers' working methods. The folder structure is 'digital container' in which all files of an order are stored. The most important of course are the PDF files of the order. These can be linked to the order in various ways and remain present even after archiving. This is a typical grey area for almost every graphic company where errors are easy to make and a lot of time is lost in searching and checking. This way, prepress and production can be controlled seamlessly from within the administration. With files that are always fully up-to-date.

Digital backup documents

Many companies loose a lot of time on searching for documents. Just that one copy you need right now! With MultiPress, that unnecessary stress is no longer necessary. All communication from the CRM module is flawlessly traceable and securely maintained. A big time saver, if you think about it for a moment.

Management organisation: clear dashboards

In a healthy company, management  closely monitors the profitability of each order, each employee and each machine. This is the only way to intervene quickly, if necessary. MultiPress makes it perfectly possible to offer business-critical information tailored to management's needs. Moreover, it is presented in a fully dynamically designed dashboard.

With respect for the health and safety of all those involved, Dataline helped Comith to implement everything - including training! - 100% remote. Comith clearly leaves no stone unturned!

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