CTP Printing

Thanks to MultiPress, the administration can easily follow our fast-growing company.

For the commissioning of MultiPress, our administration was managed by our own Access development, with no link between relations, calculations, orders or invoices, leaving room for mistakes, so we started looking for a way to get the full graphic bringing the process together in a single structure, so that there was a flow from calculation to invoicing.A making a quotation or making adjustments has now become a small problem.We are now trying to deliver a quotation to the customer within the hour of the request. 

Our print capacity is more than 350,000 A4 documents per day and this requires a rapid flow of orders, and the finishing department offers a complete range: from laminated documents, stapled brochures to binding-free books." In MultiPress we found an efficient system that its extensive digital module perfectly aligned with the activities of our company, and the various finishing options were also included in the calculation module.The management module gives us a nice overview of calculations, orders and invoices. 

The implementation of MultiPress in the company was a fact in a month.After the training, we have several times called on the telephone support.We are extremely satisfied with the service of Dataline Solutions.

MultiPress has become an indispensable link in our workflow: we continuously use the same calculations, no matter how complex the order is, by using MultiPress correctly we do not forget to invoice any services, so MultiPress pays for itself back!