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E-commerce: quick-win or extra complexity?

Dr. Sticker is an innovative player in signage. In Roosendaal, the Netherlands they have been fixing everything that sticks for years: from billboards and window films to stickers and vehicle wraps. Projects for KPN, Renault, Automotions, Luminaid, ... are showpieces of which the Dutch are rightly proud. Their graphic designers turn an idea into a tangible image. This is also the common thread in their powerful online story. They didn't just come up with a webshop. But one where the customer can design himself. The advantage: broadening the offer. The challenge: managing more complex orders. Can a powerful automation tool manage this? And how do you find the right solution?

Colour in the graphic landscape

It's not just tulips colouring the streets. Just as well, the XL prints of Dr. Sticker make buildings sparkle. The sign makers from Roosendaal use all the colours. From simple labels to the wrapping of vehicles and the packaging of entire buildings. In between a wide range of signage: flags, displays and billboards. From detailed work to decameter-high visuals. Their professional installers are renown for their work.

E-business evolves rapidly

The slogan of the sign specialist is: 'from idea to tangible image'. Clients knock on the door of Dr. Sticker's in-house graphic designers or let their own creativity run free in the online design application. Create your own stickers? From labels to banners. Through the webshop this is a piece of cake! Both private and business customers are all too happy to make use of it. The number of online orders through the webshop is accelerating. This is accompanied by a wide variety of order types for both small and large print runs.

The e-commerce fits perfectly in the picture of a broadening of the offer. Signmakers have been jumping on this innovation train since years. A matter of always being one step ahead of the competition, in speed and quality. Modern production machines from Afga and Zund form the backbone of the production company. Supplemented with a professional prepress and design department.

Patchwork of IT solutions

The Dutch company prides itself on its innovative approach. Key advantages such as flexible delivery times, high quality standards and innovative products are their driving forces. The key question is: 'How do they keep the logistical and administrative processes manageable'?

Using a patchwork of ICT solutions, it turns out.

  • a proprietary CRM system,
  • James Pro as a project management tool (as far as standardized jobs are concerned),
  • Invoicing and accounting is linked to the Twinfield software.

With more complex assignments, however, things go wrong. Excel spreadsheets or even calculators pop up. That is not how it should be done today, they realise at Dr. Sticker. Not to mention the lack of automated stock management and other shortcomings. Due to the growing success of e-commerce, the situation is no longer sustainable.

Wanted: all-in-one solution

Management was looking for a software solution that would give the company more oxygen. MultiPress' reputation needed little conviction. An impressive simulation did the rest. Thanks to the time-saving and cost-saving functionalities, the investment pays for itself. No guesswork, but a true picture of the ROI.

Dr. Sticker now works with a single integrated platform for the entire administration, logistics, planning and production. All information is automatically available and constantly up to date. This gives them the efficiency they need. Also with e-commerce in mind.

MultiPress offers 2 ready-to-use formulas (B2B and B2C). As a customer you can also opt for a link with a 3rd party e-commerce environment. This allows you to connect to a certified API partner, offering maximum connectivity.

Whichever track you choose, the e-portal fits in perfectly with the automated workflow. All data for calculation, ordering, planning, delivery and invoicing flow seamlessly through to the MIS/ERP software.

This sign company is rolling out the red carpet for the future. More ambitious and robust than ever!

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