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A major player in the international book market thanks to extensive workflow automation

Years ago, Peeters Publishers were looking for a partner who could help them with JDF connections. MultiPress, the workflow automation software of Dataline, caught the attention of manager Luc Peeters. Ever since the printing company has relied on the power of automation and innovation. Thanks to the fruitful collaboration, Peeters Printers has a fully digital printing process that runs entirely on data fed by the MultiPress software.  

JDF as kick-off

In 2008, the JDF connection was the kick-off for a fruitful collaboration between Peeters Publishers and Dataline. With MultiPress as his workflow, Luc Peeters succeeded in controlling his entire company with JDF. Thanks to this JDF connection, MultiPress automatically passes on all available order data to the chosen printer or finishing machine. This shortens lead times, reduces the error rate and optimises the entire printing process. Peeters' machines, including Xeikon, Horizon and Meccano Technica, are directly linked to MultiPress, where all orders are processed smoothly. 

In addition to the JDF module, the Peeters team uses other MultiPress modules, such as Impose. Impose is a crucial part of the fully digital book printing process at Peeters Publishers. With this module, MultiPress gathers all the parameters from the order calculation and transfers them fully automatically to an imposition scheme.

The entire process of printing sheets, collecting quires, sewing and glueing, followed by the cover and cutting is thus fully automatic. "In contrast to other companies, with us, the order manager is almost the printer operator as well," says Luc Peeters.

MultiPress is an integral part of our print production

Peeters Publishers has grown into a major player in the international book market, thanks to the many functionalities of the MultiPress software. "The error rate, for example, has dropped incredibly and set-up times have become much shorter," explains Luc Peeters. The entire workflow at Peeters Publishers is standardised on a fixed number of automated machines, which means that the overview is guaranteed.

Thanks to this extensive automation, not only production but also the administration can work with enormously detailed order information. Luc Peeters cannot imagine doing without MultiPress in the day-to-day running of his company.

Drukkerij Peeters Orientaliste

Company details

Founded in 1857, Peeters Publishers is a well-known name on the international book market. The company produces a large number of high-quality scientific works every year. This is a niche market that places high demands on production and MultiPress helps to meet these demands.

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