Taking the step from reprographics to large-format is no small matter

What if your company started as a reprographics business but 80% of your work now consists of large-format? And you have customers such as Disneyland Paris who want fast and economic printed matter of the highest quality? But, of course, your administration cannot handle the usualspecifications of large-format. Dupligrafic knew that it was high time to have a market-specific and integrated administration.

Is it still necessary to say that 'wrong' manual administration causes a total lack of registration (hours and materials), reporting, and overview? It means above all that precious time is wasted andmistakes are made! But the former reprographics business took the bull by the horns. Because the 2,500 invoices per year do not create themselves.It requires administrative automation!

Is reprography a doomed technique?

Reprography (Latin: reproducere, reproducing, Greek: graphein, writing) is the internationally accepted collective term for all techniques that use the action of light, ultraviolet or infrared radiation on a sensitive material for making (photo) copies of written, printed, drawn or photographically produced originals. In a less exact sense, printing techniques such as stencil printing, small off-set printing and multiplication using carbon or carbonless paper are also summarisedunder the term reprography. The distinction between reprography in the strict sense and printing techniques has faded since photocopying machines have been widely used for large print runs. (®Wikipedia)

Adapt to change

Dupligrafic had to think carefully. On the one hand, reprography had become a real niche market, and you cannot simplythrow out the baby with the bathwater. On the otherhand, there were increasing calls for large-format. And when Disneyland Paris comes knocking on your door, you open up. Investments in machinery were made, and Dupligrafic evolved to 80% large-format.

Entirely in line with expectations, the back office started to have issues. Because they still used a system that focused entirely on reprography and related products. But large-format has its ownspecifications and 'quirks'. So, things had to change. And fast. Because a lot of time was being wasted, the overview was non-existent, and data often had to be copied from one system to another so that errors were inevitable.

80% LF + 20% reprography = 100% MultiPress

The much-needed relief came through administrative automation. The fact is that MultiPress is a modular system and a thoroughly overhauled Large-Format module was launchedonly two years ago. Moreover, the remaining 20% also fitted in neatly in the same MultiPress.

This means that Dupligrafic now has one central, integrated system. The system integrated seamlessly with their ownB2B platform, and the production monitoring, both externally and internally, is now transparent and well-organised. The future beckons!


Company details

Dupligrafic started out as a reprography company, but now their main activity is large format.

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