Dynamoo.biz is an unexpected success story. Communication specialist Patrick Moens only wanted to work with freelancers when the company was founded in 2002. The Lier-based company currently has three in-house produced magazines (kmo-starter, kmo-insider and Ambassadeurs), boasts a team of 13 employees and has even taken over another company (MCLS – address broker), 

The back-office problems are obvious: high error margin, different programs operating independently of each other, no overview, no reporting process etc. Other communication agencies as well as their regular printing company, who uses MultiPress, recommended Dataline Solutions, and that is how Patrick Moens discovered QuoJob. The result is obvious too: major time savings, shared information thanks to an integrated system, no more errors, serious update transparency/clear overview and a very short break-in period. The growth process of Dynamoo Biz can now continue without any (further) interruptions! 

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