Grafisch Bedrijf Goes


Automation and customisation, a strong duo.

Grafisch Bedrijf Goes’ core business is offset, digital and large-format printing. The company dedicates itself to efficiency, meaning it has undergone exponential growth in recent years. GBG now works with the right machinery, deploying the right employees at the right place. High time for investing in optimising existing workflows in terms of both administration and production. The growth posed the considerable challenge of retaining overview and insight. It soon became clear the back office hadn’t also grown at the same rate, meaning valuable time was being lost and there was a clear lack of efficiency. MultiPress, the tailor-made administrative solution without customising, was just what they needed.

Back office plays a key role

A company keeps on growing. The orders and corresponding administration become ever more complex. Customers ask for increasingly faster deliveries and greater flexibility. Either an efficient back office is given a key role, or sooner or later something goes completely wrong. If invoicing and quotation/order manager are still performed manually (partially or otherwise), if there is, no or only limited cost-price calculation, and if large-format jobs are planned through the offset software out of sheer necessity; then it’s high time for the workflow to be thoroughly automated.

Can customisation and automation really work together?

Every graphics company frequently offers its customers customisation, which is seemingly at odds with the intensive automation of its business. Can customisation and automation go hand in hand? Let's see... This prejudice soon disappears when managers and employees see the MultiPress demo. The example of car stickers produced by GBG soon swept aside many preconceived notions. All of the existing parameters are soon introduced into the system. The calculation immediately makes a big step forward due to the increased speed, with additional insight into the actual cost price. Supplemented with streamlined quotation/order management, efficient planning, straightforward invoicing, etc., this is a must for any company in the graphics sector.

Management also monitors everything closely with the transparent MultiPress reporting function. At Grafisch Bedrijf Goes, the back office is now working a lot more efficiently and management can determine at a glance what exactly the company is bringing in.

Grafisch Bedrijf Goes

Company details

Grafisch Bedrijf Goes is strong in both offset and large format printing. In recent years, the company has invested heavily in the right machines and the right employees. Only the back office deserved extra attention because there was still a lot of room for optimizing efficiency. MultiPress, the customised administrative solution without customisation, brought the solution.

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